FAB-U-LOUS (adjective):

exceptionally good; marvelous; superb; wonderful; amazing.

I feel fabulous when my body does what I want it to, without resistance and complaints. I used to do a lot of high intensity training, leaving me happy but exhausted, and with aching joints and tight muscles. After discovering the Pilates method, I learnt that the body could feel light and free, even after an exhausting workout. Even years of yoga practice hadn’t resulted in this effect. Feeling fabulous after a workout is to me feeling 2 cm taller, toned but lean, flexible and at ease!

What makes you feel fabulous? Is it when you’re strong, flexible or painfree? When you’re able to keep a good posture? When mind and body are in harmony? When you hit your ideal weight or fit in your old clothes again? 

Whatever it is – I can help you feel fabulous and become fit&fab!


The Pilates studio is fully equipped – check it out


Together, we define a personal training & fitness program, catered to your specific needs


Training in a group can be a great motivator

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”


“Pilates?  No way, I am not interested in Pilates”, those were my words when my doctor recommended Pilates classes after my back issues.  A friend of mine recommended Lotta and I connected with her for our first private session.  It was more than a year ago now and not only are my back problems gone, I am becoming very hooked to my sessions with her.  Lotta is super motivating and motivated to help everyone achieve their goals and beyond.  She is a hands-on instructor and there is no routine installed into her sessions as she is never short of new exercises or variant of them.  I am a true convert!

Michèle B.

“Lotta verbindet auf einzigartige Weise ihre umfassenden Pilates-Kenntnisse mit ihrem grossen  Wissen aus der Physiotherapie. Ihre Lektionen unterrichtet sie mit Leidenschaft, aber auch mit Präzision, zielgerichtet und den individuellen Bedürfnissen angepasst. Lotta ist die beste Personal Trainerin, die ich je hatte.”