About me

Who am I?

Hi – I’m Eva-Lotta Skantze – however, usually I’m just called Lotta!

My fascination for movement and the human body began already as a kid during my 15 years as a gymnast in the famous dance gymnastics group Malmöflickorna in Sweden. A long rehabilitation after a knee injury convinced me of my choice of profession. Parallel to my Bachelor studies in physiotherapy I took my first fitness instructor training and this year I celebrate 25 years of experience within in the fitness industry. Over the years I have taught almost every class there is to teach, and I’ve worked with patients and personal training clients in three continents and as many languages. 

I never stop exploring and am always eager to learn more. To be honest, I personally always found Pilates classes quite boring. I was already using Pilates techniques with my patients, so why should I learn Pilates? It wasn’t until I by coincidence discovered the Pilates apparatus that I was sold. I now love teaching Pilates over anything, and I work with everything from rehabilitation to teaching top athletes.

The biggest reward in my work is seeing the development of happy, confident and pain free clients. Reaching your goals is my passion, whether it is getting out of the sofa without pain or completing an iron man. 

I am fluent in German, English and Swedish and most of my clients speak Swiss German, so whatever is good for you works for me!

My qualifications:
• BSc in Physiotherapy, Sweden
• Pilates Comprehensive Studio / Rehab Teacher Training, Polestar, Singapore
• Pilates reformer, -Chair, – and Mat training, PilateSwiss, Switzerland
• ACE Personal Trainer, USA
• Various fitness and Group Fitness Teacher Trainings in Sweden, USA and Switzerland (Vinyasa Yoga, TRX, Functional Training, Zumba, Aerobic, Step, Spinning …)

Your body is amazing, take good care of it, invest some time in it and you’ll get your reward. I would be honoured to help you on your way.