Big news! Effective today there are no more Covid restrictions for our studio. Good bye masks and certificates! What a relief, for the first time in almost 2 years we are going towards some kind of normality again. Let that oxygen fill our lungs, let’s inhale energy and happiness and exhale worries and negativity. Let’s celebrate!


The studio is starting to look absolutely fab!


Here we go! Fit&fab now has a real home, for the first time since the start in 2016. Me and Sabine (Sabines Pilates Atelier) are now sharing a more than fabulous Pilates studio at Freiestrasse 32 in Thalwil. We have been working hard during the last 2 months and there are still some details left. But I’m so proud and happy to be welcoming my clients tomorrow to a functional, fancy and fully fab studio! See for yourself:

The entrance area before…
…and after
part of the bigger room before…
…and after
Unsharp, but toilet/dressing room before…
…and after
the smaller room before…
…and after
another angle before…
…and after


It’s official. Fit&fab is becoming even more fab! I’m starting a new chapter in my life. My first own (well, co-owned) studio. From August me with fit&fab and Sabine with Sabines Pilates Atelier will be sharing a new space together at Freiestrasse 32 in Thalwil. Some of you may know it as the former Ballet Studio Thalwil. Right next to the “Gemeinde Bibliothek” Thalwil and a 2 min walk from Bahnhof Thalwil the location is the best possible. Plenty of parking possibilities right outside the studio on Freiestrasse. Me and Sabine now have a few busy weeks planning, organising, designing, buying new equipment etc. So exciting. It’s going to be fabulous! I’ll keep you posted.

This combi Studio Reformer/Cadillac is a new addition to our equipment family.


Good and bad news!

Let’s start with the bad…Unfortunately my dear colleague Sabine had no choice but to cancel her rental contract for the beautiful Pilates Atelier at the lake. This pandemic has a lot of victims and the past 4 months of lockdown for fitness was challenging for many in our business. We are now enjoying the last few weeks until end of July at Sabines Pilates Atelier.

But! The good news is that we are working on something exciting. Rest assured, after the summer holidays, Pilates Personal Training with me and Sabine will be offered in a new setting. More news about this soon!

We’re enjoying this fantastic view for a few more weeks.